4/22: Change Your Life

 “Change Your Life”
Roxie Porter-Niehaus
April 22, 2018 at 10:00 a.m., Unity

Roxie Porter-Niehaus will be our speaker this week, as she will share her experiences and wisdom on how to take control of any moment in your life by simply changing your story.

Roxie Porter-Niehaus, “I started attending Unity in the early 1970’s when a friend asked me to go with her to church, she said it may not be for everyone but she really liked the truths that were being taught.  At the time the Great Charles Roth was the minister, going through pressures of breaking into a field that very few women were in, I looked forward to Charles’s lessons on Sunday, each time it would be on a subject that I was dealing with at the time..I would say to myself  “WOW”  how did he know I needed that….I learned that most important in the world is what goes on in your mind. I pretty much live & breath Unity principles.  ‘THERE ARE ONLY TWO THINGS THAT COUNT IN THIS WORLD, REASONS OR RESULTS & REASONS DON’T COUNT,’ Unity early 1980’s.”

Next Sunday: Susan Barta, “Miss this pothole on the road of life.”