I’m New Here

family-walking…and we’re glad you are here. Life can be challenging! But we have the tools to face these challenges. Challenges are easier to face when you have a spiritual community.

Do you see yourself as more spiritual than religious? Unity offers practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living. We are positive, practical and progressive.

No dogma. No compelling clauses. Just your “base camp” for a more fulfilling life.

What denomination are you?
The Unity movement was started by a married couple in 1889 in Kansas City, Mo., and has more than 1,000 congregations. Unity is a non-denominational community, and everyone is welcome. Unity started ordaining female ministers in the early 1920s, and was the first denomination to accept LGBTQ.

While starting with a Christian paradigm, people of all faiths find Unity teachings are positive, practical and progressive. Please read What is Unity?  You can find information about our beliefs by clicking here.

What time are your Sunday services?
Our service begins at 10 a.m. Come early! At 9:30 a.m., we offer a 15-minute guided meditation in the sanctuary.

How long are your services?
Our services are usually around 75 minutes.

Where are your Sunday services?
We are on the north edge of downtown at 907 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN 46202. Get a Google map.

We have plenty of free parking. Unity is one block east of the central library on Delaware Street at 9th and just one block north of Leon’s Tailoring Shop. Get the parking map.

Unity of IndianapolisWhat happens at a service?
You’ll find a greeter will welcome you at the door and give you a program/bulletin for the service. Services begin with live music, a welcome, announcements, followed by prayer and meditation and a weekly lesson. After the service, we get together in our Friendship Room for conversation and refreshments.

After the first Sunday service of every month, we offer a pitch-in (potluck) and the CommUnity Chat — a 15-minute town-hall meeting for any questions (e.g. about the congregation, theology, etc).

What happens when I am a first-time visitor?
You will “come home” to a place you’ve never been before. During the service, we offer you a chance to raise your hand and get an information packet with a registration card. When you turn in the card you’ll receive a gift. The card will help us to keep you connected to information about programs and services at Unity of Indianapolis. If you have an email address and would like to keep in touch that way, we will add you to our distribution list for our weekly Positive Affirmations eNewsletter. We also mail a newsletter every two months.

No one will stop by your home unless you specifically request a visit. Your contact information will not be shared or sold. We protect your privacy.

In the Friendship room, we’ll introduce you to our community, including our ministers. Don’t be shy. We were in your shoes once.

What do I wear?
Clothes! Unity is a welcoming place with a casual environment where you can come as you are. You can wear a suit and tie, but most people will be dressed casually.

kidsI have children; do you have activities for them during your services?
We have fun and meaningful children’s programs, offered at the same time as our Sunday service (10 a.m.). At the end of our 10 a.m. service the children join the adults. Then we bless the children. And they return to the youth and family area where their parents can find them.

What about teenagers?
We have a teen program as well.  But they also are welcome in the sanctuary for the service.

How big is your congregation?
We average about 150 people per week. We have 166 registered members. And we have prepared a place for you, in a sanctuary that holds 435 people.

Do you have a mid-week service?
We have discussion groups and classes. Check our Calendar for current offerings.

How do I get involved?
Our teams have fun and make a difference — both inside our walls and outside in Central Indiana. Check out About Us, Sunday Service Support Teams and our H.E.A.R.T Network to learn more. Every month we donate money to a Central Indiana charity.