Sunday Service Support Teams

Sunday Service Support Teams

These dedicated people provide assistance that is essential to our Sunday services. Please contact us if you would like to join any of these teams:

Unity of IndianapolisGreeters
This team provides a warm and welcome environment for all who come to the church.  They don’t just hand out bulletins–they also provide a smile and a hello to guests who are there for the first time or congregations members who have been attending the church for many years.  They help guests attending for the first time find where to hang coats, where to drop off children at Sunday School and where to find the rest rooms if needed.  They also hand out welcome packets to guests when they are welcomed during the service.

Ushers take over where the Hosts and Hostess leave off.  They make sure those who are attending the service are safely and comfortably seated in the Sanctuary.  They, along with Hosts and Hostesses pass out Welcome packets to visiting guests and count those in attendance for church record keeping. They also pass the offering bags and bring the offerings forward to be blessed during the service.  If it is required to pass out information or items during or after the service, the Ushers handle this also.  Usually a Board member is also available to assist the Ushers when needed.

Money Stewards
Money Stewards take the offering from the Ushers, say a prayer before counting the offering and count  the cash and checks along with a supervising Board member. The money is then either placed in the safe or given to the Office Manager to be recounted and processed for deposit.

These volunteers operate a laptop computer that drives projection equipment showing a PowerPoint presentation that includes song lyrics, prayers and announcement information.

This team operates the sound and CD recording equipment during the service. These dedicated volunteers arrive early to work with the Music Director and Praise Team to make sure that the sound for the service is perfectly balanced. They also create CD recordings of the service that are distributed to those who request them, free of charge.

Worship Assistants
This group is vital to every Sunday service.  They lead the opening prayer, greet our guests, lead the in-service meditation, read the announcements and lead the prayers and songs at the end of the service.  They also, often lead the pre-service meditation.  Those who take on this responsibility have usually been involved in Unity for several years and have the gift of public speaking and leading meditations.