Unity of Indianapolis – Ministerial Search

Stay tuned to this space for updates and progress on the ministerial transition and search process.

May 5, 2018

The Finance Committee made final commitment on the Minister Packet, which is now being sent to Unity Worldwide Ministries for posting on the Job page. we expect the listing to be available by May 12, 2018.

October 12, 2017

The members of the Ministerial Search Team are as follows: Paul Fischer, Howard Kent Headley, Flo Knowlton, Joy Anna Lynn, Carl Mickens, Sue Phillips, Deena Seibert, Michael Wright. Alternates are Rev. Bettie Barta, Melba Oxley, and Roxie Porter.

Due to technology and time constraints, the position is not listed on the Unity website ( )unityworldwideministries.org/openings. The Trustees hope to have it finished by the end of October.

September 2017

If you are interested in serving on the Ministerial Search committee, please fill out the application and return to Karen Kirchman or the Center office.

Applications are accepted September 3rd to the 24th.

Ministerial Search Team will be announced October 8th.

The position posting goes live on the UWM site October 9th and the minister application packet must be available. The opening announcement will remain posted until it is filled.

The Ministerial Search Team will review applications as they come in.

For more information, please download the following documents. If they don’t download for you, call the office.

Ministerial Search Timeline

Minister Search Team Duties – 2017

August 2017

The Board of Trustees voted to start the Ministerial Search at their meeting on August 23, 2017. The first step is to form the Ministerial Search Committee, and the Board will be meeting the first week of September to create a workable process for this committee. If you are interested in attending the training and/or serving on this committee, please send an email to search@unityofindianapolis.org and we will send the application and supporting information as soon as it is ready.

June 2016

Ministerial Transition Update (from CommUnity Chat on Sunday, July 3)

As we have drawn our congregational consulting to a close and made preparations for our formal minister search, the Board has determined that we need to push out our timeline for the search in order to move forward several critical areas of support:

    • Financial Support: While there were funds allocated in this year’s budget to underwrite the search, we are still focused on paying critical operating expenses and moving toward solvency. We have made great strides to get current with our monthly and outstanding bills, but we need more analysis to make an informed decision about when our finances will support the search. Right now, we are still very much paying critical bills from week to week.Immediate Next Steps: The Board will be working with the Finance Committee to complete some projections and forecasting to know when our finances will support the search.  We will also be adding the weekly revenues and expenses to the Sunday bulletin so that our community remains informed.
    • Sacred Service Ministry Structure: Continuing the work of several prior community meetings, we are working toward organizing and building out our sacred service ministry in addition to strengthening our culture of service. This work will help to engage our community in servant leadership, distribute the necessary workload, and create a stable support system for the functioning of our church.Immediate Next Steps: The Board will finalize the draft of the ministry structure and meet with team leaders and key volunteers to share ideas and discuss needed action steps. Together, they will work toward the outcomes of the April 24th Committed to Our Next Steps meeting, including better and broader communication about what volunteers are needed; training and support for all those in service roles; and offering pathways to determine our spiritual gifts and connect those with aligned volunteer opportunities.
    • Facilities and Grounds: Our building and grounds are in need of much loving attention in order to achieve clean, fully-functioning, and supportive facilities.  Areas of need include our HVAC system, plumbing, roof, sanctuary lighting, sound system (both sanctuary and Friendship Room), water heater, parking lot, main doorbell, and air quality/mold.Immediate Next Steps: In order to create a plan of action to address these areas of need, we need more information about the scope and costs of the repairs/renovations.  A special building project team is being formed to investigate these repairs and engage reputable contractors for project estimates.  We need more help to complete this project.  If you are willing to offer some of your time and attention to collecting estimates and putting these pieces together, please reach out to the Board.  We need to move forward with this work as soon as possible.*One of our community members raised the question of whether we are considering selling the facilities and moving to a space that does not need such extensive repair.  Moving to a new or different space is one of several possible pathways.  A decision of such importance would involve supporting information for all options and meaningful input and consideration by our entire community.  We need to assess the extent of the needed building repair to inform such a decision.


So, what do we most need moving forward? Prayer, faith, and trust.  We invite you to include our community in your prayer practice – hold the perfect thought of our wholeness and allow your practice to give you the clarity of what is yours to do.  We move forward together, in loving support of our spiritual family.


6 Month Healing & Congregation Consulting with Rev. Ron Fritts (UWM Transitional Ministry and Peacekeeping Team)

  • Transition Book Discussion Groups (Completed)
  • Leadership and Board Training – (Completed)
  • Honoring Our Past, Creating Our Future (HOPCOF) – (Completed)
  • Vision, Mission, Core Values Process – On Hold (Date TBD)
  • Ministerial Search Committee Training – On Hold (Date TBD)
  • Ministerial Search (3-6 months following completion of Congregational Consulting process)
    • Anyone who would like to be considered to be on the search committee for our next minister is strongly encouraged to fully participate in each step of the consultation process.